Buy the plans

Buy our unique plans and manage the build yourself. If you get stuck along the way, we can help.

Buy the complete kit

You can buy the complete kit with all plans and materials to build yourself.

Build to lock up

We can help you with all permits and permissions, and build to lock up and you manage the rest.

Build to occupancy

We’re flexible about how much support you need. We can build to ensure occupancy certification.

Full fit out

We can build your home, just the way you want it, as a full fit out ready for you to move in.



Our modular homes can be customised to suit your specifications, land size and budget.

Barn Features

Modular barns and barn style homes custom designed to your specifications. Flexible options from plans to fully fitted out homes to suit your needs.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Certified Builder

HIA Member, Master Builders Association of Victoria Member, and Building Commission of Victoria Registered Building Practitioner.

Quality Building

With over 30 years building experience we source the best materials and guarantee our workmanship.

Completion Guranteed

All our construction comes with a completion guarantee.

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    Modular Exteriors and Interiors

    Here are two of our standard layouts. Just ask, and we’ll customise the perfect home, barn or shed just right for you.

    Create Your Own design

    You can mix and match how much you want to do yourself, or we can do the whole lot for you. Which ever way you choose, we stay with you through the process to be sure quality is guaranteed.


    Plans Only

    Buy the plans and ensure you are protected by our copyright to build your own modular barn style home


    We provide the materials all ready to go for you to assemble yourself. We can assist with permits and inspections if need be too.

    Lock Up

    For those who wish to fit out the home themselves we build to lock up. We can connect you with a project manager and interior designer to suit your taste.

    Build to Occupancy

    We stay with you until you receive your Certificate of Occupancy and ready to move in.

    Fully Fitted Out

    If you want everything done, end to end to your custom requirements, then we’re here to support you and ensure the quality of workmanship at every level.


    Successful homes built by your builder